socket: G4
bulb: Led, RGB Led
input: AC 110/220v, output: 12v
price: Sold

Mr Optics

Customer has ordered unique jewelry holder lamp for his 13 year old girl.
He asked that I remodel his grandfather old MOM art deco lamp, so that the original shape is preserved.
She is a big fan of Twilight movies, so this is also included in the project.
As a child got this lamp and she catches every day, therefore I replaced 220 V to 12 V.
I took the E14 socket from the head, and changed to G4. I put into 5 W led bulb.
I removed the clock from the body, and put RGB led panel. So it could fit on a control unit. Girl can changes the colors with remote control.
At the beginning, the image can be replaced.
I put a three-position switch between two legs, and a connector for 12 V transformer on the back.

Fork hands, spoon legs, and ready to guy.:)