socket: E14
bulb: LED
input: AC 110/220v

price: Sold

About 10 years old, grown brown teddy bear lamp, with a 20 years old yellow lampshade and a small wooden seat.
Outer slightly shabby but the internal organs have been replaced.
E14 socket, connected to the seat with a threaded rod to avoid falling down when taking a nap. Does not like heat, therefore got a led bulb and a step switch while he is lazy. The spine has been replaced with a threaded rod grounded to avoid the bumpy situations. Safety, nice piece but not a toy any more. Fear from children, does not like nudging, chewing so I offer him for adults.
Does not have a big appetite, merely 4 watts per hour, small footprint - he is only 30 cm high, 21 cm wide and if he stretches his legs than 23 inches long.

The price includes shipping charges.